4 Reasons Why an RV Slide Out Topper Is a Must for Your New Rig

4 Reasons Why an RV Slide Out Topper Is a Must for Your New Rig

RV slide toppers—also referred to as slide out awnings—are much more than something to enhance the appearance of your RV. Many RV experts at One Source RV wouldn’t even have a slide without one. Let’s see why.

Why You Should Have an RV Topper

Good RV accessories do more than just one thing for its owners. And that is the case with RV slide toppers. There are multiple motivations for having an RV topper installed on your rig. Check out our top 4 reasons below.

  • Debris Protection

  • Slide out toppers act as a first layer of defense. Some of the best camping spots are amongst the trees which leads to leaves, small branches, and more dropping from above your RV. When this debris finds its way to your slide, it can cause real problems. If that debris rests on top of your slide for any amount of time, it can produce an acid that will stain and slowly destroy the surface. You can see the same result when leaves rest on a shingled roof or even a concrete driveway. 

    By adding a slide out topper, you’ll prevent large amounts of debris from collecting on top of your rig. 

  • Water Protection

  • RV slide out toppers offer a layer of water diversion. On those rainy days, water will collect on top of your slide out—which is never ideal. And because your slide out moves in and out of a giant hole in the side of your RV, you’re reliant on rubber gaskets to provide all of your water protection. This system works, but having a slide out topper do the heavy lifting is a great way to prolong the life of your rubber gaskets. 

  • UV Protection

  • The sun feels amazing on a cool morning, but can feel oppressive in the middle of summer. And sadly, the sun can do a lot of damage to your RV. By adding a slide out topper, you’re adding a layer of defense to prolong the life of your slides. The cost to replace the fabric on a slide out topper is much less expensive than overhauling the topside of your slideout. This means you can look at a slide out topper as an insurance policy. 

  • It Looks Good & Helps with Temperature Regulation

  • Sometimes RVers like to do things just because they look good—which is totally fine! But in this case, using a slide out topper will not only look good on your RV, but it adds some very helpful function. 

    The slide out topper helps provide some shade to your most vulnerable RV areas. The rubber gaskets around your slide do a good job, but they aren’t as good as a solid wall. By providing just a little bit of shade over these areas, it can help reduce the heat that is beating down on your RV. 

    Why Don’t All RVs Have RV Slide Toppers?

    Slide toppers used to come from the factory on a lot of RVs. However, this isn’t the case in 2022. Whether they were cut to maximize profit or keep RV prices down, they just aren’t installed on a lot of new coaches. This has led to the need for aftermarket products and installs. 

    How Can You Figure Out What You Need?

    Correctly measuring and installing a slide topper or replacement fabric can be tricky. When you are looking to add accessories to your RV, it is imperative you have a good retailer who knows their products. At One Source RV, you'll have access to employees who are currently—or formerly—Master Certified RV Technicians. These experts can help you identify what you need. Also, One Source RV can provide you with some of the best brands in the industry like: Dometic, Carefree, and many more. 

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