An Air Compressor So Quiet, It Won't Interrupt Your Conversation

We’ve all been there before. We’re getting our RV ready to go. We check our tires and notice the air pressure is low. And of course, it is either 10:00 PM or 7:00 AM. We don’t want to be “those” people, but we don’t want to get a late start either. But you need to make the decision… Do you turn on your air compressor that wakes up the entire RV park, or do you suck it up and start late? Or even worse, do you just start driving on your tires with low air pressure? Essentially, you are faced with three BAD options. 

How loud are air compressors?

A lot of air compressors can be obnoxiously loud,interrupting everyone and anyone in your campground. Many RV air compressors can reach up to 90 decibels—which is equivalent to a motorcycle at 25 feet away. And that is one of the things that makes this TireMinder RV Air Compressor so impressive. 

This 12 volt air compressor is about as quiet as a standard dishwasher. At about 60 decibels, you will be able to maintain your tire pressure and not choose between a late departure, being the obnoxious camper, risking major RV issues, or worse. 

Am I sacrificing power for this quiet air compressor?

Absolutely not! The TireMinder RV Air Compressor has an incredible air flow rate. And it can inflate up to 150 PSI (pounds per square inch). While a lot of other air compressors might not be able to handle the higher PSI and larger tires. This air compressor doesn’t have those issues because of its high air flow rate. 

What does having a high PSI and air flow rate mean?

Essentially, this means it inflates tires really, really fast. How fast?

  • A 22.5 inch A-Class RV tire from flat to 100 PSI in about 12 minutes
  • A 16 inch Fifth Wheel tire from flat to 65 PSI in about 6 minutes
  • A 14 inch Travel Trailer tire from flat to 50 PSI in about 4 minutes

  • And while those times are incredibly fast, our hope is you don’t need to fill one up from flat. Simply topping off your tires will probably take a few minutes total. And all of this without interrupting everyone within a hundred yards. 

    The TireMinder RV air compressor makes it incredibly efficient and easy to prevent major tire issues from ever happening. 

    How easy is it to operate?

    The TireMinder RV Air Compressor is easy to operate because of everything that comes with it. 

  • A digital tire gauge

  • A digital tire gauge allows incredible accuracy. Most gauges are tough to read—especially with bad eyes—because you are trying to count the little lines and keep track. With this digital tire gauge, you are able to be accurate within 1 PSI. This makes it super easy to stay consistent with your tire pressure. And this means you prolong the life of your tires and save money on fuel

  • 60 feet of hose

  • This air compressor comes with two 30-foot hoses rather than one 60-foot hose. This is very convenient because most of the time you don’t need 60 feet of hose. You’ll be able to keep one 30-foot hose in storage as a backup, or for those few times you need it. 

  • 8-foot power cord

  • Between the two 30-foot air hoses and this 8-foot power cord, you should be able to reach all of your tires. That makes this portable RV air compressor even more user-friendly. You no longer need to deal with those stubby cords. Just plug it in, connect the air hose, and get ready to inflate. 

    Why buy a TireMinder RV Air Compressor?

    TireMinder is a brand that is known for quality. And over the past 10 years, they have won more awards in the RV industry than just about any other brand. That makes this a peace-of-mind purchase. Peace of mind because you bought a good product backed by a 3-year warranty, and because you won’t be stuck between three bad decisions ever again. 

    Tireminder video review

    We did an independent video review of this TireMinder Air Compressor. Take note of how small it packs up: 12 x 5 x 8 inches. And weighing just 14 pounds, it doesn’t take up a lot of space—or weight—for the peace of mind it offers. 

    Here is the video you should watch

    Where can I buy TireMinder products?

    You can buy this TireMinder RV Air Compressor and many other TireMinder award-winning products at One Source RV. One Source RV is a company dedicated to keeping you on the road by providing you with quality products, a chat service that is answered by current and former Master RV Technicians, and prides itself on having the highest integrity in the RV world. 

    Comparison between the top 2 RV air compressors

    When we review products, we like to give you real feedback, and not just prop up one product like it’s the only option. We previously did a review on the Viair Air Compressor, and it’s a great product too. Now, we want to do a video review of the two side-by-side. Check out our latest comparison video review here

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