RV Parts and Accessories For Your Next (Or First) Trip

Owning an RV is all about freedom, but sometimes owners get overwhelmed with RV parts and accessories. There are so many RV must-have gear lists out there, but which ones do you actually need? Or maybe you don’t even need any at all!

Keep reading to learn about RV gear and how to get started choosing items.

Do I Need Specific RV Parts and Accessories?

Planning your perfect RV trip is meaningless if you don’t have the right gear. Whether you have a pop-up camper or a motorhome, there are some universal supplies that you will need to get started, stay safe, and be comfortable. 

Let’s review the list.

Starter Kits for RV Parts and Accessories

If you are new to RVing, you need some basics before you can actually use your RV. Although your RV comes fully furnished, it does not have utility supplies. If you are not sure what to buy, you might want to look into starter kits. It’s a one-stop shopping experience that helps ensure you have what you need. 

RV Water, Sewer, and Wash Kits

Some starter kits include items that will allow you to get fresh water and dump your tanks. No matter how and where you decide to camp, you will need a water hose and a sewer hose. These types of kits often include other necessary items such as black tank treatment chemicals, RV-safe toilet paper, and RV wash

Winter Readiness Kits 

It’s a great idea to have winter RV storage supplies. RV-specific antifreeze and handpumps to blow out your water lines are essential to protecting your RV water lines from freezing and rupturing. Some premium kits also supply door stays for your fridge, dehumidifiers, and odor-eliminating accessories to keep your RV from getting musty during storage. 

RV Parts and Accessories for Safety

RV Tire Safety

Regularly inspecting your RV tires is essential. If you spend time in RV groups, tire blowouts are a hot topic. They happen often, and no one wants to experience them. While it can be impossible to prevent blowouts from happening altogether, there are ways to minimize them. 

Monitor your tire pressure. While you can do this with a simple manual tire pressure, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) constantly monitor your tires. A TPMS checks for slow leaks, rapid leaks, blowouts, low pressure, high pressure, and high temperature. This information allows you to stop and take proper preventive action before an actual emergency occurs.

Low tire pressure can happen anytime and anywhere. It’s a good idea to have your own portable air compressor with you at all times. This way, you can adequately inflate your tires no matter where you are. 

RV Gas Safety

Although your motorhome and tow vehicle run on gasoline or diesel, your RV systems use propane gas. 

If you have a propane emergency, you will need a shut-off valve. The GasStop propane shut-off valve turns off the propane automatically when it detects a leak. 

Like other RV maintenance items, make sure to test your carbon monoxide and propane detectors often. Both gases are hazardous to humans and pets. Functioning detectors will help keep you safe in case either gas is present. 

If you want to know more about the propane in your RV, check out this article, “What every RV owner should know before using LP gas in their RV.”

Electrical Safety

RV parks and campgrounds experience electricity surges and outages often. These electrical variations can negatively affect your RV electrical system, appliances, and electronics. The best way to avoid damage due to electrical surges is with an RV surge protector such as the Surge Guard (50 and 30 amp). It automatically protects against wiring, voltage, and frequency issues. 

Mosquito Safety

If you are camping in the south or anywhere with is standing water, you will need to keep those mosquitos away! Bites are annoying, but they can lead to more severe reactions and illnesses. Make sure to keep repellent handy. Bonus points if it is made from natural ingredients and can keep gnats and other insects away. 

RV Accessories for Comfort

RV Driving Convenience

Toll roads can be convenient on a long road trip, but not if you must stop and pay at every toll. You can make tolls convenient again with the RV Toll Pass. It allows you to manage all nationwide toll fees from a single account and avoid all those pesky coin tosses and time-consuming stops.  

Kitchen Comforts

RVs rarely have enough counter space, but you can install a countertop extension to give you more space. It might not seem like a lot, but every foot counts in a tiny space. 

Are you tired of using disposable plastic cups? You might want to consider replacing them with unbreakable ones that look like glass. It’s a great way to have less trash to deal with, and they come as wine tumblers too! 

Campsite Comforts

Most sites come with a standard picnic table and a fire ring, so you need to bring your own items to make it more enjoyable. 

You can purchase LED lanterns and rope lights to keep your site nicely lit at night. Don’t forget a patio mat to keep dirt at a minimum and make the area look cozy. And if you want comfortable seating, you might want to think about a portable rocking chair

Having the Right RV Parts and Accessories is Essential

Whether you are looking for items to get you started, keep you safe, or make you comfortable, we hope this list helps. Ensure you have the RV parts and accessories that meet your personal RV needs. 

Are there other must-have items that you think should be included here? Please share with us in the comments below!

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