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Who is One Source RV?

One Source RV is an online retail store with over 30 years of RV parts and service experience. We have a large inventory of RV parts and accessories in stock, and we use our longtime relationships with 3rd party warehouses across the U.S to ensure customers receive their parts quickly and accurately. We also specialize in RV appliance replacement parts, making sure you can get the most critical items that you need to get back on the road as soon as possible.

What every RV owner should know before using LP gas in their RV

What RV appliances operate on LP gas, and why?

RV appliances that operate on LP gas include the refrigerator, furnace, range or oven, water heater and hydronic heater. Some of the items will operate on LP gas, but also have an option for electric operation. There are two main reasons for having LP appliances on your RV:

Take Part: Four Tips for Leaving Your Campsite Better Than You Found It

One silver lining of COVID-19 is the increased opportunity for adventure. RVers are hitting the road in record numbers now that everyone has more time on their hands. While One Source RV fully supports the RV “covidcation”, as more RV campers take to the forests and parks, it is more important than ever to protect these environments. As an RV community, we must all take part in maintaining the beauty of the outdoors. 

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