5 Resources That Will Make Planning an RV Trip Easier & 1 That Will Give You Peace of Mind

5 Resources That Will Make Planning an RV Trip Easier & 1 That Will Give You Peace of Mind

Planning RV Trip” is searched over 4,000 times every month. Clearly, this is something that overwhelms a lot of us. Whether you are a seasoned veteran who got off route, or a newbie to planning your first road trip, we have 5 resources that will make planning easier and more enjoyable. And 1 that will help give you peace of mind. 

  • RV LIFE Trip Wizard: 7-Day Free Trial & $59 Per Year

  • Formerly known as RV Trip Wizard, this web-based route planner claims to be the best. And with good reason. RV LIFE Trip Wizard has over 20,000 campgrounds and 57,000 points of interest. And they allow you to save your camping memberships—like Passport America, Good Sam, and KOA—to help you find your ideal campgrounds. 

    But what sets them apart from the rest is the cost estimator. As you set your route, driving distance and select your campgrounds, they will automatically update your estimated fuel prices and campground fees. They give you real time results for your decision making. Which makes it easier to finalize your plans. 

    With the purchase of RV LIFE Trip Wizard, you will get access to the RV LIFE App for free. And with the RV LIFE App, you will be able to seamlessly open your route plan in the app and have navigation.

    RV LIFE Trip Wizard is best for the detail-oriented planner. This is for someone who likes to stay at known campgrounds, or wants to add mooch-docking into their journey. 

  • The Dyrt PRO: 7-Day Free Trial & $35.99 Per Year

  • The Dyrt is a popular camping app that makes it easier for campers to find and book their next stay. It has over 4 million tips, reviews, and photos from its users. It has over 44,000+ campsites listed. And is expected to have over 30 million visits to its page by the end of 2022. 

    There is a reason The Dyrt is so popular. It is the best way to find dispersed camping sites on United State Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. With the popularity of camping growing exponentially, finding remote sites has become more and more popular. 

    In addition to the exceptional connection to 44,000+ sites, you can access a nice trip planner too. I have used this several times and found it really helpful. You can input your rig information—height, weight, length, propane, etc.—and save it for all trip planning. I was able to create and save several routes.

    The Dyrt offers two forms of route planning: 

    • One is a blank slate. You tell it the starting location, known stops along the way—like fuel ups or sites you’d like to see—and it gives you a route that is safest for your drive. 

    • The other is a recommended plan that can be edited after. With this plan, you still enter your starting and ending locations, plus your known stops. But this time, you will tell it how many hours you like to drive each day, and it will pull from its 44,000+ campsites and make recommendations. 

    I find The Dyrt is best for those looking for Dispersed Camping on BLM and USFS land. They have the best services for that style of travel. 

  • Harvest Hosts & Boondockers Welcome: $100-$150 Per Year

  • If you pay to stay at a campground every night, it can add up. Sometimes, you just want a safe place to rest your head while getting from here to there. Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome are two options for people looking to add a little flair to their trips without adding to the budget. 

    Harvest Hosts has 3,400+ wineries, breweries, farms and more listed on their site. These sites allow fully-contained RVs to stay on their property. All they ask their guests to do is participate in the business by making a purchase, or even helping out on the farm. My wife and I have stayed at many Harvest Hosts, and have even celebrated our anniversary weekend with a tour of eastern Tennessee. It is a great way to learn about different businesses and participate in the local culture. 

    Boondockers Welcome is a Harvest Hosts company, and offers free overnight stays on private land. This is simply individuals opening up their land for people passing through. I have stayed at several of these on my way from Arizona to Ohio. The hosts have been great, and many have different levels of hook ups. 

    While these two companies do charge a yearly membership fee, you end up saving money overall, and adding to your traveling experience by utilizing both of these services. 

  • Campendium: Free with an Upgrade Option

  • Campendium is a free app, but you can pay $20 a year for ad-free searches and access to certain filters. It is one of the best free apps for finding free campsites and getting transparent reviews on campgrounds. On this app, you can see RVers ratings, comments, advice, and even see cell phone coverage for different carriers. If you are just wanting a way to find new campsites, this site cannot be ignored. 

  • GasBuddy: Free with a Premium Option

  • GasBuddy is a free app—with a premium option—that allows you to find cheap gas fast. In the free version, you can save up to 25 cents per gallon—a guaranteed 20 cents with the premium version. It also allows you to find big rig-friendly fuel stations. There have been more than a few times I got duped into looking for cheaper fuel only to find out it wasn’t friendly for my big rig and towed vehicle.

    GasBuddy also helps in your trip planning by showing fuel costs in different states across the country—down to the individual station. This is a great tool to add to the arsenal, and one to keep in mind as you dream about where to head next!

    One Source RV: No Membership Required

    When you are out on the road and something happens to your rig, it can be a terrifying moment. It doesn’t matter if it is small or big, you need to find answers. And while the RV community is great and mean well, the advice isn’t always the most helpful—or accurate. 

    That is where One Source RV comes into play. They provide trusted, sincere support to RV travelers all across the United States. While they have an exhaustive list of parts and accessories for your RV, they also provide trusted information. You can connect to them via their online chat regardless of your location. One Source RV staff is backed by the experience of current or formerly Master Certified RV Technicians and other service professionals.

    There is absolute peace of mind knowing you can contact a company that prides itself on providing the best support, buy products with free shipping, and know you will be treated with respect. 


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